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New Trend – Pets are being humanized

New Trend - Pets are being humanized

Are you humanizing your dog or cat? Most pet owners are beginning to treat their pets as they should, just like they are part of the family.  This is certainly the trend.

Lately, some pet owners seem to be taking this concept even further.  I see several indications that lead me to believe the new trend is to treat our pets like people.  In other words, humanized pets.

Furthermore, social media is playing an enormous role in the humanizing of our pets.  More and more people are posting photos of their pets dressed in their cute little outfits, showing off their pedicures, and enjoying their favorite food and toys.  People are posting photos of their dogs engaging in all types of hobbies and traveling with their pet owners.  I even read where there was some type of poll showing pets are being posted more often than the owners’ spouse or partner!

According to the Human Animal Bond Research Initiative Foundation, people are happy and healthier in the presence of animals.  Scientifically documented benefits include reduced anxiety, lower blood sugar levels and enhanced feelings of well-being.

Also, it has been reported that the average pet industry revenue is increasing by approximately 5.4% each year.  Even during times of economic slow-downs, the pet industry has continued to grow.

What are some of the main products we are spending on our pets?  What are some of the top humanizing trends?

  •  Natural, healthy pet food & treats delivered to our doorsteps, partially due to our busy lifestyles. 
  • GPS trackers so that you can always keep an eye on your pet from your smart phones.
  • Natural flea & tick products, natural shampoos, natural dental cleaning products.
  • High quality pet apparel
  • Spa services far beyond your typical bathing and grooming

So, my dear pet people, are you humanizing your pets? What types of products and services are you willing to indulge your family pet in?  Frankly, how much is “too much” to spend?  Let us hear from you.  We would love to include you in our future blogs.

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