Lost Pets

Picking up dogs or cats that seem sick or traumatized

How do you feel about picking up and taking home a lost pet? Perhaps, it’s a dog, puppy, cat or kitten from the side of the road or from a store parking lot?  Some people may say that this is unfair.  What if the owner is seeking their lost pet? 

Honestly, I acquired my dog just like this. 

I lived in a rural area out by the lake.  It’s very common for people to dump animals at the lake.  I suppose they think they will have a chance fending for themselves. However, this is far from reality. 

For seven years, almost every morning, I drove the same road into town.  I knew most of the neighbors and their pets. 

One day, as I was driving, I saw the cutest, tiny, little dog running up and down the road.  It looked distraught and was not wearing a collar.  I continued on about my business without stopping.  Thinking to myself, I wondered if one of the neighbors had gotten a new dog.  I just wasn’t sure, but suspected another dog had been dumped. 

The following day, early in the morning, I saw the dog again.  It looked very upset and lost.  This time, I stopped my vehicle and got out.  I bent down calling to the dog, but it ran even further.  It was so scared.  I tried for quite some time to get the dog to come to me but that didn’t happen.  I had no choice but to go on about my business.

Several days went by, and it was always the same scenario.  Again, the poor little dog was running up and down the road.  Another neighbor stopped in her vehicle at the same time I was stopped.  She told me she had tried to pick it up several times, but it would not come to her.  The lady also thought the dog must’ve been dumped. 

We talked about how cute the poor dog was and wondered what had happened to make it so frightened.  We wondered how it was surviving. For instance, there were many days it had been pouring down rain and the dog was literally soaked.

Next, quite a few weeks later, I was driving on my route.  I was further down the road this time and turned the corner. 

There, up ahead, the dog was running towards me like the devil was chasing it.  Frightfully, the dog was running straight to my vehicle, but it was limping.  I pulled over, opened my car door, and the dog jumped up trying to get inside.  This time, I picked it up.  I turned around and went straight home while the dog shivered all the way.

Of course, she was just covered with fleas and ticks.  She got bathed and treated with a natural flea/tick removal spray.  I use TripleSure and it works great. 

With a quality diet, she started blossoming.  The traumatic signs of what she had been through were slowly going away. 

I posted a “found” ad online with no luck, not even one response.  Additionally, I searched “lost pet” ads. Then, I took her to the vet and there was no chip and no way to id her.  That was it.  She was my dog now.  I named her “Scruffy”.  She was a mix of who knows what and a very tiny dog. 

Still, I can’t help but wonder where she came from.  Who owned her? Why had she been running up and down that road for weeks? 

If I had not picked her up that day, there was no way she would’ve survived much longer.  Possibly, another dog, coyote or an eagle would have gotten her.   I was surprised she made it this long.

Ultimately, Scruffy has gained a lot of much needed weight. She is very healthy, spoiled and happy.  All in all, she also helped me during a very difficult time of my life.

Pet People Rock – Lost Pet

Sometimes, I feel guilty wondering if I have someone’s pet.  With no chip, collar or tags, it would be difficult to find them.

I suppose I could’ve taken her to my local shelter.  I chose to keep her.  What would you have chosen to do?  Please let me know your thoughts.  I would like to hear from you.

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