Pet Lover Gifts

Oh my gosh! One of the most adorable pet lover gifts you can give young children or grandchildren is a book. To be more specific, a book that your dog, cat or other pets are starring in!

You can customize and design an amazing book featuring your dog or cat exploring a magical town with other pets. This is a 32 page book with fun rhymes and delightful characters. You child or grandchildren will love reading how their pet became mayor of the Pet Town through all of their good deeds. You can choose a soft cover or hard cover.

Books can include multiple dogs, multiple cats or both!

This is a gift the entire family can enjoy for years and years to come!

Another totally adorable gift idea! Get a clone of your pet, an exact lookalike in plush! When I was a child, I always loved my stuffed animals! These stuffed animals are hand made and look totally like your pet. You just upload photos and provide details about your pet’s unique characteristics. Then, choose which position you would like it to be in such as standing, sitting or lying down. Use coupon code PETPEOPLEROCK and get 10% off! There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee on this gift item or your money back.

Pet Lover Gifts
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